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    • Welcome to learning wine with Wojabi!

    • Part 1: Understanding the basics of pairing food with wine

    • Part 2: Learn how to pair wine with all the classic meals that everyone loves!

    • Virtual Wine Tastings Online

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    • Decoding Wine Labels: "Understand Your Wine Before You Buy It"

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    • Chardonnay: "Know What To Expect From The World's Most Popular White Wine"

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    • The Wojabi Community

Here's what you'll learn in each video.

In Video #1

How to pair your wines with any dish. Enhance your wine experience at home or while out at a restaurant.

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In Video #2

How to read a wine label and then know exactly what to expect from that wine!

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In Video #3

Everything you didn't know about Chardonnay and how to best enjoy the worlds most popular white wine.

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Zoom Wine Tastings

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