There's a good chance you've been missing out on how amazing wine really is!


Believe it or not, 80% of what you are able to taste in any wine, comes from what you are able to smell in that wine. 

Which is why we swirl! 

Swirling wine the right way allows aromas to attach themselves to oxygen, causing fruits and other hidden elements to no longer be masked by the smell of alcohol. 

This is why you see others constantly swirling and smelling their wine.

You'd think it's to look fancy, but they are actually enjoying deep hidden flavors that you may have been missing out on!

This step-by-step course will change your experience with wine by showing how to discover those hidden flavors.

After The Course You'll Be Able To

  • Swirl wine in a way that unmasks aromas that normally hide behind the smell of alcohol.

  • Understand exactly why smelling is so important to what you taste.

  • Taste new flavors in wine that most people do not taste.

  • Do blind tastings with family using your wines at home.

  • Have confidence selecting new wines at the store or while out at dinner.

  • Download the notes from each section to keep as a reference.

  • Understand the age of a wine by evaluating its' color.

  • Determine the alcohol content of a wine by using professional tasting techniques.

  • Receive entry-level wine certification upon course completion. (Worth $4,500)

Your Instructor

Certified Sommelier

Briana Autumn

Briana is one of our certified wine sommeliers here at Wojabi. She developed a deep passion for wine at an early age during a college party. While others were doing what college kids do best at parties, Briana found herself trying different wines.

That led her to jump into an industry where her race and gender is underrepresented as a wine professional. She is now a certified sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers as well as a WSET Level 3 in the Wine & Spirits Education Trust and ready to help you understand more about the world of wine.


Course Instructor #2

Advanced Certified Sommelier

Julian Mayor

Funny enough, Julian developed his passion for wine while working in government doing foreign policy research. After planning several dinners with foreign counter parts, he realized he enjoyed the wine he was selecting for them more than anything else, and the rest is history.

He currently has his advanced level Sommelier certification from the Court of Master Sommeliers and is ready to share wine industry secrets with you so that you can enjoy wine on an entirely new level!


What We Cover Inside

  1. 1
    • Welcome to How To Smell Wine Like a Pro!

    • Entry-level certification explained (Valued at $4,500)

  2. 2
    • Meet Certified Sommelier, Briana Autumn

    • Meet Certified Sommelier, Julian Mayor

  3. 3
    • Course Introduction

    • Section 1.1 - Why sense of smell is so important to enjoying wine.

    • Quiz Prep Cheat Sheet - Section 1.1

    • Section 1.1 - Quiz

    • Section 1.2 - How to smell wine the professional way. (Step-by-Step)

    • Quiz Prep Cheat Sheet - Section 1.2

    • Section 1.2 - Quiz

    • Section 1.3 - Train yourself to smell the hidden flavors in wine.

    • Quiz Prep Cheat Sheet - Section 1.3

    • Section 1.3 - Quiz

    • Section 1.4 - Characteristics to look for while smelling your wine.

    • Quiz Prep Cheat Sheet - Section 1.4

    • Section 1.4 - Quiz

  4. 4
    • Section 2.1 - The Deductive Tasting Method.

    • Quiz Prep Cheat Sheet - 2.1

    • Section 2.1 - Quiz

    • Section 2.2 - Using aromas to determine the wine in your glass.

    • Quiz Prep Cheat Sheet - 2.2

    • Section 2.2 - Quiz

    • The Finale - Let's do a Virtual Blind Tasting together

Receive your certification upon completion!

(Valued at $4,500 towards further wine education)

How will this course change my experience with wine?

Here's how.....

When you come down with a cold, notice how you're no longer able to taste your food?

This is because your sense of smell is the undisputed key to your sense of taste.

Inside this course our experts detail, step-by-step, how to release hidden aromas within your wine by using the proper swirling techniques, combined with professional wine smelling techniques which allow you to smell new flavors, which inherently allows you to taste new flavors coming from deep within your wine!

Let's Get Started

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